Silly Face Friday!

Mary-Clarie is awesome!  I know, you already knew that.  But if you didn't, I have proof!  About a year, year and half ago I was having a pretty rough time with life.  I was also having a pretty bad day.  Mary-Claire sent me a text that was a picture of her making a ridiculous face.  It made me smile and/or laugh.  I cant remember my exact reaction, but I know I liked it!  I wrote back and said I wish you would send me a silly face every Friday.  Guess what?!   SHE DID!  We started calling it Silly Face Friday.  I was having one of those 'pick yourself up and dust yourself off' type of years and (with the exception of a few Fridays here and there) she sent me a silly face every Friday for over six months!  It was awesome and it always made me smile regardless of what was going on.  One of the best parts about this is I have a tendency to lose my phone, (well that's not the best part) but anyone who has ever found one of my phones during this time period and decided to go through it, also found this-a pretty girl being pretty silly for her friend! (although I have no idea what conclusions they drew for themselves about me and why I had these in my phone...)


I don't like winter but I sure do like you!