I did a shoot yesterday with my new friend, Jason Culver.  This will be for my fiddlesticks section on the webstie.  I've been slacking for a while on that series, ok I've just been slacking in general.  What of it?!  I'm excited to get the new image up, though!  We did the shoot at his old high school swimming pool.  It started to rain pretty badly during the shoot and Jason had a Go Pro with him for something he wanted to shoot while we were there (by the way, I now want and Go Pro!).  We went out to use it during the rain, which is why I ended up with this image.  I also got my first experience shooting video on a Canon D60 which was pretty cool.  It was a good day and a good shoot!  Check back in to see the final image and also have an awesome day!

Remember the show, Clairrisa explains it all?!?!