Flying Houses




I've been trying lately to look at photographers whose work is very different than the type of work I do.  I came across Laurent Chehere's flying houses series today.  I found it to be fascinating and inspiring. He is a French photographer who has not only an interest in photography, but also in architecture.  Normally when you come across a photographer who loves architecture, you end up with standard architectural photographs. While they can be beautiful and can demonstrate that the photographer has an incredible eye for both structure and attention to detail, I've never had a strong interest in shooting it or even looking at it most of the time.  It's just not really my jam.   I love how Laurent took this to another level though, both literally and figuratively. He has made a dreamlike, whimsical world in the sky that I REALLY want to live in.  It's like having a secret place to live, and I love secrets! They also make me feel the same way hot air balloons make me feel. I'm not quite sure how to express that feeling, but I love to see them and I want to be in them and to be heading somewhere else.   I also like to think its the next step society takes in the process of becoming The Jetsons.  (I probably didn't need to give you the link to that) Regardless of all those reason I have for liking this series, the images themselves are gorgeous and convey a sense of tranquility, even the house on fire!  Who wouldn't want to be there?!  Well not a burning house, but a place of tranquility.  

I couldn't choose my favorite, but I narrowed it down to the two above...I think.  Go to his website though, they are all beautiful!  Also, his other pieces of work are pretty great too and may induce a mild stomach ache stirred by jealousy.  That's what happened to me anyway.


Our House! In the middle of the sky, our house!  (see what I did there?) 

Sorry, Heather