Lomo SuperSampler

Oh hey.

Me? Oh, ya know, I've been around. Burrying myself in work and trying to stay warm. Getting ready for IndieWed (FEBRUARY 2ND!!!!). Making food and eating it. Watching The West Wing like it's going out of style (which it kind of has, I guess). Taking an embarrassing amount of cat pictures.

Real important stuff.

Back when I left the house still I took these pictures. They were taken with this sweet camera James gave me for Christmas. It's shot on 35mm film but is on a timer sort of thing so it shoots in succession. Heather was kind enough to pose in some of them. I'm loving how they turned out, and think it will make for some really fun stuff come summer. You know, when I poke my head out again.

See you in two weeks for IndieWed! Stop by and say hello!

With cold hands and a warm heart,