my summer in film

For me, summer is the time for film. The light is plentiful and the mood is such that mistakes feel right- more like fate than failure. While I love a good photo project, it's the personal images of people's lives that are my favorite, especially on film. There's a mood that comes through- it lets you crawl into the photographer's head for a second, feel what and how they were feeling when they clicked the shutter, be in their space without being seen.

So hop a ride on my summer brain-train...

the light in our living room during a (rare) storm.

Heather in our kitchen.

Boldt's motto hung up in the dining room.

Lazy cats.

Heather's birthday party.

Military band at Sturgis Falls parade in my hometown, Cedar Falls, IA.

Watermellon and wine at the engagement party BBQ for two of our good friends.

Eating whoopie pies in Oak Park with my friend Matt Koerber. He writes and draws a hilarious comic with his friend Eric.

I love you too much,