heather in humboldt


So I realized that I have not blogged here in quite a while, the middle of December to be more exact.  Sorry about that.  I have excuses.  I'm not telling you what they are though.  I've written all the reasons down on post-it notes and barried them in Humboldt Park, so if you're curious you can just look for them and then you'll know! 

Seriously now though, I had some fun today taking pictures of myself in Humboldt Park.  I am not a huge fan of taking pictures of myself because I hate having my picture taken.  So with that said, if anyone out there likes to have theirs taken and wants to hang out and let me take pictures of them, please get in touch.  I'd like to take a lot more portraits this summer.  Email me!  Call me!  Text me!  Wait, don't call me.  I hate talking on the phone.  It's awkward, or if it's not, I'll make sure it gets real awkward real quick! 

let's hug in the shade,



p.s. I bought that dress in Omaha.  I suspect it's the only good thing to come out of that city in years!