M-C updates

It has been wedding central at Boldt lately, leaving us with little time, energy, or desire-to-be-on-a-computer to blog. We're awful and we're sorry. I am totally speaking for Heather right now, but I'm pretty sure she really is sorry too.

On the few weekends that we have had free I have done some pretty fun (to me) things and I sometimes took pictures of them! Want to see? Oooooh, ok. Twist my arm.


I was lazy and listened to James play the trumpet.

I said my final goodbyes to Humboldt Park and moved south to a new neighborhood.


At my family's annual birthday party for the lawnmower, seeing family and old friends.

There. Sick of me now? Well good, because we still have a lot more weddings to edit and post. Check back soon for highlights from Sararh + Jason's wedding. We're really excited about them!

I'm excited about you,