Runchey & Stimmel Wedding

  Last weekend I was lucky enough to shoot Sarah Jane Runchey & John Stimmel's wedding. Sarah Jane is Mary-Claire's sister if you didn't know or put it together by the last name.  So I also got to see Mary-Claire give a great speech for her sister and get drunk and dance with all her family-which was kind of funny.  It was a really great wedding and both the bride and groom were awesome as well as all of Mary-Claire's family.  I had been recently hit by a car and so many of them kept asking if I was ok or if I needed anything and it was quite nice of them all.  When I was done shooting I was able to unwind a bit too with MC-in fact the very funny bride Sarah gave the bartenders strict instuctions to make sure I got complety wasted. We will be putting up some highlights to this wedding soon along with a few others we have shot over the summer, so stay tuned.  Until then, enjoy these photobooths MC and I did at the wedding. Good stuff down there folks!

P.S. Since then, I chopped all my hair off and it's really short, so it's kind of hard for me to look at these photos. But you can!

smile at me please,