Joshua Hoffine


I found a new photographer today that I really enjoy.  His name is Joshua Hoffine and his work is interesting, a bit intense, as well as scary as crap.  He recreates scenes of childhood fears. Pretty awesome idea right! I have always had a fascination with people's fears-why they fear what they fear and especially their rationality behind their fear. It generally makes a lot more sense to them then it does to anyone else. I'm a big fan of scary movies too, although every time I see one and get scared I immediately regret it and question myself on why I keep watching them. I suppose it's the rush I get and the ability to feel an emotion that differs from all the others I feel a lot more commonly every day.  Although I like hearing adult’s fears, I like this idea of recreating children’s fears because they are a lot more absurd and imaginative.  Some of the fears that my friends have told me they had as a child are so incredible.  When I think of some of my own that I imagined as a child-I don’t really know where they originated from in the first place.  Mine were never really “monster in the closet” type fears or anything super scary-they were just kind of weird, silly, and didn’t make any sense.  I was-and still am now very afraid of mice and rats.  Somehow when I was very young I got it in my head that a team of mice were required to work inside of my mattress to keep it going.  I had this image of them in there running on those circle wheels and carrying things around in assembly lines and if they didn’t do it, then my mattress would not function properly.  I don’t know or remember what exactly I thought would happen if they stopped, if it would collapse or just explode-I don’t know.  I just know it scared the hell out of me but there was no other solution. I needed a bed.  It was an ironic situation I had made in my world.  I remember thinking how unfair it was that the very thing I was really scared of had to be the thing needed so I could have a place to sleep.   I actually spent a lot of nights sleeping in my parents bed.  They had a waterbed so therefore didn’t have mice in them because they would drown-obviously.  Anyway, I think he has chosen a very exciting and inventive subject to explore.

He uses his own friends and family as actors, does very little Photoshop, and does all of this on a small to no budget.  I can certainly relate to that part.  So yeah, if you like great project series, great photography, and scary stuff-you’ll like him.

Let’s turn off the lights and watch a scary movie…NO WAIT! We’ll leave one light on,