sarah + john


My sister Sarah is getting married in September! A few weeks ago I had the honor of taking her and her fiance, John's, engagement pictures (where does the possessive apostrophe go? Don't judge me). These are two of my favorite people in the world, so the pressure was on, but I'm really happy with what we got. Above are a few of my favorites. They were such good sports through the whole thing. Who else would hear their little sister say, 'Hey, so I found this garage in an alley I think would be great' and respond with, 'Sure! Let's do it!'?

Heather will be shooting the wedding, since I'll be a bridesmaid in it. This makes me nervous because she'll be there to witness my shaky voice while I struggle through public speaking during the toasts. But it's also really great, because then at least I know they'll be getting awesome Boldt pictures and I don't have to spend my time trailing another photographer and bossing them around. So it works out.

Hooray Sarah + John! Thanks for spending the day with me, you guys are a blast. John, keep working on those puns. Runcheys take them very seriously.

love love love,