repeat blogging-I'm guilty


So I know that I have blogged about Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison before.   I can't help but do it again though!  I love their work so much and although I am inspired by many photographers, these two pretty much blow my creative mind.  So I just went to their website and I had to share them with you again.  I adore and admire their work more then I can express.  In fact, it was one of their images that I saw years and years ago that pushed me over the edge into the decision to become a photographer.  I know I would have done so regardless, but I just am highly influenced by them and have been for years.  I also like that they are a husband-wife team.  I think it's romantic that they dream up these elaborate and dramatic situations together and the image is a collaboration from both their separate and shared struggles-both external and internal.

So I hope you like them as well.  Above are some of my favorites.

The one thing I don't like about this wonderful weather is I keep getting sunblock in my eyes! It hurts.