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So one of the problems when one of us two ladies from BOLDT goes out of town-well besides feeling ganged up on by four cats-is not having the go-to person to help with image picking (that's a technical term).  I'm working on some portraits I recently took and I have it narrowed down to two images and now I'm completley stuck.  I just can't pick which one I like more and I hate this situation.  Normally I would ask M-C and she would give me her gut reaction and then if I felt good about her gut reaction I would go with it, if I didn't feel good about it-I would go with the other one.  Problem solved! She's not here though so I just keep staring at them.  I decided that MC and I need an alternate. Someone who pitch hits when one of us is out-or at least until we are cool enough to get ourselves an intern.

Oh! Would you look at that! It's bloody mary time!