mark bradford

This week I went to see the Mark Bradford exhibit at the Museum Of Contemporary Art. I can't remember the last time I've been so blown away by an artist's work. It was so inspiring to see how he used found items, pieces from the street, of everyday life, to create beautiful works that make you want to take a seat and fall into them for hours.

Sometimes I let myself get frustrated by not having any money. Photography, especially the kind I love and want to do (large format), is expensive. I can fall into the trap of using that as an excuse to stop producing and just pout for a while about not having a trust fund or a fancy (f)art school education. So to see a gorgeous piece of art hanging in a top museum and then find out it was made on a bed sheet because the artist couldn't afford canvas? Absolutely inspiring.

Also, the way he uses color is so exciting it gives me a stomach ache.

i like your face,