Mimi Chakarova


I wanted to share with you some work from a documentary photographer/photojournalist whose work I really admire and respect.  Her name in Mimi Chakarova and she has been producing astonishing work for years, including some documentary projects on South Africa, Jamaica, Cuba, Kashmir and Eastern Europe.  She takes on remarkable subject matter and has an incredible ability to expose a world from the inside out, which perhaps is why her most recent body of work is called Sex Slavery From The Inside.   I think there are some documentary photographers out there that although their images are nothing spectacular, their subject matter is so great that it gets them by, and others who have chosen the most mundane subject but transform it into something interesting because their images are so striking. I think Mimi Chakarova does both-fantastic images and powerful subjects.  Her work was just recently shown at an amazing gallery in San Francisco that I frequented often when I lived there called FiftyCrows.  If you live in the area and have never been or you go out there for a visit, I highly recommend stopping in and taking a look.  It's basically a couple elevator floor rides up to inspiration.  

Beyond this she has also made a feature-length documentary called The Price of Sex.  I'd love to see it, but it doesn't look like it will be screening anywhere that I'll have access to any time soon, but hopefully some day. She films a lot of this undercover to expose harsh truths and the reality of sex workers in Easter and Western Europe as well as the Middle East.  

So take a look at her website and the video below on her upcoming documentary.  It’s interesting and powerful stuff my friend.

-heather marie sapp