meal or no meal?


Do you like delicious food?  Do you like reading food blogs and laughing at the same time?  Well I know where you can go to find all of this.  Mary-Claire's blog!  If you have seen it before then you know it's pretty swell, and if not, then you need to do so right now!  

One of the perks of living with Mary-Claire-besides exposure to high levels of puns, smart jokes, cat hair, and delicous wine-is that I sometimes get to eat her food.  She is a great cook!  I'll eat anything she makes, unless it has ricotta cheese, mushrooms, fish, peppermint, cherries, black olives, shrimp, whip cream, or anything I think looks suspicious in any way in it.  I'm willing to admit that it is maybe possible that I'm a slightly picky eater, but even with those limitations, she still manages to make stuff I love.  Anyway, look at her blog!  It'll inspire you to try a new recipe as well as learn a little bit more about who MC is and what she is feeding her belly.  

let's see how many people we can fit on the couch and then watch a movie!