champagne fridays

It has been a long winter. In an effort to save money and not have to leave our apartment we've started Champagne Fridays. Ever gone over to someone's house and played a board game? It's kind of like that, but more fun. The rules are simple- come over, drink champagne, and you get 2.5 minutes to put on the craziest outfit you can come up with. Then we take pictures on our shiny new backdrop with our janky old clamp lights. We found ourselves doing it last weekend and had so much fun just taking pictures, not worrying about proper lighting, exposure, etc. Basically it's a larger photobooth and you get unlimited tries. You an even flail, as you can see from the pictures above.

We're going to make it a monthly thing and invite friends as well (we do have other friends, we swear). Interested? Email us at and we'll put you on the invite list! We like new friends.

Get yer face on,

m-c and heather