Oh Thom

Once again black and white with a simple background has won my heart. Well, it would have if Thom Yorke didn't already have a 15-year head start. I love that man and his crazy eye. This band just keeps pumping out not only some of my favorite albums, but the most innovative visuals to go with them. Insane!!

Radiohead has influenced my creative life a lot. Remember Seven Television Commercials? If you haven't seen it, you really need to. So gorgeous. This guy that I met at the Kwik Star in high school (because of my Radiohead bumper sticker, if you must know) made a tape of that, Meeting People Is Easy, and the end of a Beastie Boys concert for me. Loooove. Then he ditched me for a girl who turned out to be a lesbian, so I had a lot of time to watch that tape over and over again. The quality of the videos (not the dubbing, but the content) would give me one of my first nervous stomach aches where I knew I wanted to try and be that good at something. It was the sort of influence that still pushes me to see things differently and step out of what I know will work to try something a little crazy and off- much like Thom's eye.

Whew, that was a lot. Sorry. Long week.

The Memory Lane ride has now come to a complete stop.

Your tour director,