Diane Arbus

This post is being written partly just to avert eyes away from that picture of me Heather posted. It's also to share a really cool video about photographer Diane Arbus' work. What I like about it is it uses her own words, recorded during lectures she gave during a class she tought. Getting to hear the motivation behind some of my favorite images was a big treat, and a lot of what is said will stay with me and hopefully influence my new work. And can I just say Diane's daughters hair is freaking amazing?? Can we all agree on that? I wonder if we could fluff Heather's hair to do that?

I feel like if you're a girl and into art photography you start out identifying with Cindy Sherman, think she's so great and really gets it and whatnot. Then you get deeper into it and fall for Diane Arbus. Then move to Sally Mann  and Mary Ellen Mark. These are like your older sister's best friends. The really cool ones who dress so great and boys like them and you just wish you could be like them, or have them like you, or even just for them to aknowledge you.

Who'd I miss? Do you have favorite female photographers? Share please!

Make me a pancake, please,