harry callahan

A few weeks ago I went to see Anthony Bannon give a lecture on Siskind and Callahan, which was part of the incredible Filter Photo Festival. Aaron Siskind's close-up texture studies were a big influence on me in college- my BFA final project was a series of large format images of walls falling apart (very college-y, right?), so I was excited to see more of his work and hear Bannon speak about it.

Up until that point I was only vaguely familiar with Callahan's catalogue. I liked what I saw at the lecture, so checked out this book from the library. Woah! So great! I had been in a particularly nasty photo slump and this book has shaken me awake and made me excited about all photographs again. His playful yet consistent experimentation! His coming back to seemingly mundane subjects! My favorite part is how he can take these beautiful photos of nothing. I'm a huge fan of photos of nothing. Maybe too huge. Gah! I could go on forever about this guy. But I'll stop. 

Above are some of my favorites that I could find on the web. There are better ones in the book, though. Please check it out and let me know what you think.