As M-C recently mentioned, we will be putting up personal sections soon.  That is pretty exciting for us!  This is my friend Emily who recently modeled for me.  I visited her last weekend in Iowa City to take some portraits of her and her beautiful daughter.  She was also kind enough to pose for a personal project I'm working on.  It was a fun shoot, she is a very funny girl who can make a joke out of anything, not to mention a bit of a looker! She is one of those adorbale people who are cute and little and you just want to put 'em in your pocket. I think I'm gonna start calling people like that adorables. 

Check back in with us from time to time, hopefully our sections will be up soon for you to see!  We are also working on a joint project that will be kicking off next month! Perhaps we will have some of that up by Christmas. 

I want to watch scary movies!  Will you watch one with me please?!