Breaking Bad

I have recently gotten into the show Breaking Bad.  It's streaming on Netflix right now so that's pretty awesome, both since I'm into it right now and I haven't much felt like going out or being around people.  Since I have started to watch it I have also developed quite a crush on the guy that plays Jesse Pinkman, well I don't know if I have a crush on the character Jesse or the guy who plays him.  Eitherway, I like to look at him and listen to him talk (cutest voice ever!) during the show. So the clip up above (poor quality I know) is from the end of the most recent episode I just wached and maybe one of the cutest scenes I have seen in a while on TV.  It might not seem that cute if you don't know anything about the show or the character, but it made me smile so I'm sharing it with you.  Maybe you'll smile too!?  If you are looking for a new show to get into, I highly recommend this one.

It's raining, let's take a nap together and then eat soup!