I want to do something like this.


So I came across this blog today.  It is by a photographer named David E. Jackson.  He was approached by a salon called Shear Chaos.  They wanted him to do some promotional shots of their staff and had an idea involving a circus.  David loved the idea and ran with it.  I think the final project is amazing and comical. David is also inspiring to me as a photographer.  He worked for many years as a police officer before transitioning into a full-time photographer. Don't worry,  I'm not thinking of becoming a cop.  That seems like a bad idea for all kinds of reasons.  It makes me feel better though.  There are times that I look at my life, my random schedule, and the little amount of time I have to give to cakewalk after logging in many hours at my current job that pays the bills, and I get discouraged.  I wonder if all the hard work and lack of sleep is worth it.  Most of the time I know that it is.  I love photography and there is nothing else I'd rather do, but I do questions myself.  I think that's a good and healthy thing to do, especially when I arrive at the same answer every time.  Yes I think it's worth it and still want to work at this.  I get excited and inspired when I come across photographers that have succeeded and their career wasn't just handed to them for one reason or another, but is a reward for a lot of hard work and time.

The circus project itself is also stirring and motivational.  I love how he took a job and made it a personal project of his own. It's original, creative, and more artistic then commercial.  It's also funny and I do like to smirk.  I look forward to future projects where Mary-Claire and I will be able to bring our own personal touch and silly ideas to projects for our clients.  Below is a video of behind the scenes stuff for the shoot.  Neat-O!


I love autumn and want to go on a walk with you,


Heather Sapp

Shear Chaos Salon Circus Shoot :: Behind The Scenes from David Jackson on Vimeo.