Alex Rappley



This is my friend Alex.  I decided to post a portrait of him because today is his birthday.  

Happy Birthday Alex!

Alex works with a good friend of mine and that is how we came to know each other.  He is a very interesting and unique indivual.  I am still getting to know him and something tells me that will always be the case because he seem to have a never ending supply of interesting storeis about himself.  He says more random things then anyone I've ever known and I like it.  One of the first times I met him, we went to a convenient store to buy some snacks and juice.  My friend Jess and I had finished buying what we wanted and went outside to wait while he picked a tea.  He was having trouble deciding on which flavor to buy . He came out 5 minutes later with a tea as well as a 30 pack of PBR.  I decided I liked him right then and there.   He's pretty silly too, oh yeah, and handsome to boot!


posting despite my headache,