This is the thanks I get.



So sometimes life is not awesome.  Things are weird, things are changing, things are falling apart, AND I've been trying to knit the same damn scarf for Mary-Claire for two weeks and am about to give up cause it's not going the way I want.  Mary-Claire just got a boat load of crap thrown her way the last few weeks and it's not fair.  On top of everything that has happened to her, her friend Heather is about to give her a crappy unfinished scarf as a present.  How is she supposed to wear that?!?  Don't worry though, she is a woman of class, a woman of strength, and woman that likes whiskey, so she is going to be fine. My life is a little stupid right now too and I'm feeling feisty.  Don't worry, I'm bottling it all up until I freak out on someone who doesn't deserve it. Until then, I will mask my frustration with alcohol and caffeine. I read somewhere that's healthy.  

Tonight is going to be great though!  We're going to get our fancy clothes on and go to The Bottle for drinks and dancing.  We went once before and got hit with what seemed awfully close to a hurricane.  We could have quit and went home when it was raining so hard we couldn't see inches in front of our faces.  But we didn't. We kept on truckin'.  We went inside assuming everyone would be as drenched as we were. Nope. Dry as a bone. We said screw it!  We drank, we danced, we did photobooths!  Everyone was so friendly and inviting.  It was fantastic.  So we are going again tonight and nothing is gonna stand in our way.  I might even give it the ol' college try-get drunk and make out with a random boy, or maybe the ol' mid-twenties try- get drunk and eat a burrito.   Who knows? The day is young and I need a nap.

Cakewalk has been brainjammin a lot lately so stay tuned for some big changes, one of which is that I am no longer going to avoid hugs.  It's true!  I'm gonna be a hugging machine. Awkward or not, they're coming your way folks!


hug me,