photo + camping = pefect for heather sapp

Why is it perfect for Heather?  Well obviously I love photography.  I don't know if I love camping, because as I have mentioned before, I have never been! But I want to go sooooooooo badly and I'm hopefully going to make it happen this summer.  Anyway, combining the two seems like a perfect idea for me as well as for Mary-Claire, for as I learned on our recent cabin trip, the girl can build a hella good campfire!   So I was very delighted when Cakewalk's friend Jon Stuyvesant from Milk Products Media sent us a link with some of his favorite photography sites, partly because it was just nice of him to think of us, but also because one of the websites he sent featured a story about a photographer that hosted a workshop called Phoot Camp.  It's basically talented photographers getting together for camping, drinking whiskey, and taking brilliant photographs. Throw in a vegetarian burrito and M.C and I could not ask for more!  

Take me camping,