I grew up in Iowa and then moved to the city the first chance I got. Because of this I carry around a little bit of guilt about leaving, like it was the easy way out. I love my home state and think there are amazing things about it that I haven't found anywhere else, but as far as opportunity went I didn't feel it offered me much.

On my best days that's an ok excuse, but on my worst- when I'm so sick of the city and its people- I feel that I shirked some responsibility. That I took all I could from Iowa and then left without trying to make it my own. This makes me really admire the people that stay and create something really cool. Instead of complaining about a lack of culture they create it. Making something entirely unique and homegrown.

So my hat goes off to the people at Daytrotter. Based out of the Quad Cities, it saw a void of good music and filled it. Just like that. Completely inspiring.

Let's get a burrito soon and chat,