Andrea LeVasseur



This is my friend Andrea who will soon be the proud mother of a pretty baby girl.  Andrea is about 36 weeks pregnant here and makes a cute lil' pregnant lady.   I started out the night with the intention of taking some silhouettes of her, which I did and they turned out nicely. After we finished with those, I ended up taking a few more of her in front of the bathroom mirror while she examined some of the changes her body has gone through.  While I was taking them, she talked to me about how she felt, how her body felt, and what all of this has been like.  I was much more drawn to these images in the end then any of the silhouettes, they feel more intimate.  I think becasuse at this point,  Andrea was no longer posing for me and the end result is less of a portrait of her, but a moment between Andrea, her body, and her soon to arrive baby.


pregnacy is a crazy thing,