how the devil do they do it?


So I am in the process of trying to buy a Mamiya C330, which is the beautiful lady up there above.  However, eBay is really cahppin' my hide because I keep getting out bid.  EVERY TIME!!  I guess I just suck at the ebay. I don't have enough time to be online all the time.  I have come to the conclusion that it's just one guy messing with me.  I bet he lives in New Jersey and eats Twizzlers.  I hate Twizzlers.  He doesn't even want the camera, just likes making me shake my fist and curse eBay.  The good news is that I found another one that I most likely will be able to buy soon and it is not a bidding contest, but a sure thing purchase.  I am so excited and I already have a name picked out.  I'll save that for when she gets here.  So look forward to some cool images from my new camera.  I hope you had a nice holiday as well as a nice day today!

let's go sledding!