martin parr



I came across the work of Martin Parr today.  It was a perfect body of work to stumble onto on a day when I'm not feeling too great about myself.  I really like his subject matter and the way he presents it.  His images have a vacation snapshot feel to them that I absolutely love, but they are also comedic, intelligent,  and demonstrate the way we all as individuals allow ourselves to be seen on a day to day basis.  It's interesting to see him point out that although we live in a society that is eccentric, superficial, and overly concerned with self image, we also live in a place where people just don't care and perhaps are unknowingly saying "I am what I am, take it or leave it pal."

He is a british photographer, but travels around the world doing his work.  I want to do that. And by "do that," I mean be british.  One of the other neat things about this guy, which you can read on his website, is that his work falls into a lot of categories.  He has been published in advertising and commercial outlets as well as displayed that same work in art exhibitions and photojournalism projects.  He has found a home in all three and that is refreshing as a photographer who feels torn between what type she'd like to be (I'm talking about me, heather sapp).

Oh!  And also one of his galleries on his website is called playas.  That makes me smile.  I don't think that word gets used enough.


see you next time playa,

-heather marie sapp