Chris Crisman



I came across some work by Chris Crisman today that I really like.  He works out of of Philly but started a series on his home town of Titusville, PA.  The images he has made are gorgeous and caught the eye of art directors, which led to him receiving assignments to create similar work. I think it's pretty neat that he now gets paid to create images that are inspired by his own personal work.   The last time I went home to my home town in Keokuk, IA I started a series on it.  The project is only in the early stages, but finding Crisman's work is inspiring and has been helpful.  He has an incredible way with light that I can only hope to achieve myself one day in my own work. Take a look at his website.  Im really into his composition as well as his broad style.  A lot of photographers tend to have a very distinctive look and feel to all their work, and that's great, but I think he dabbles in a few different styles and still leaves his mark on each one.  His protfolio balances images that are whimsical and dreamlike with hazy desaturated colors along side sharp, crisp, true to life images that use bold, power colors.  They all work and I like the variety.


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