Marcus Thomas



This is my friend Marcus Thomas.  I work with him at a Veterinarian Hospital.  Marcus is so silly and is fond of tricky riddles.  He has a huge heart.  Any information I know about football or more specifically, the Chicago Bears, I owe to him. He loves them and if I ever win tickets to a game, this is the guy I'm taking. He's always telling me updates on them or football in general, I say "Marcus, I don't care", then he says "OK" then tells me anyway. When I'm sad or having a bad day, this guy is brilliant at getting me to cheer up or smile.   He works out all the time and is in incredible shape.  Seriously, you should see his stomach, not bad at all.  I remember Marcus once tried to give me some tips on how to flirt because I suck at it.  The result was me looking like I had something wrong with my neck, but I liked that he tried.  I baked some cookies for everyone at work once and he described them as "Christmas in his mouth."  I adore him and wish nothing but rainbows, puppies, and happiness for him.  I also wouldn't mind if he won the lottery either.  Partly because I think he deserves it and partly because he said if he won huge he'd pay for me to go to Hawaii and take surf lessons.  I'd totally hold him to that.


doesn't look grouchy,