The Power of Two

Clients will sometimes request that just one of us shoot an event in an effort to either save money, fit in schedules, or just minimize the amount of people in the room. With few exceptions we always refuse. If you hire Boldt because you like the Boldt look, then you need us both there. Heather and myself are Boldt Collective. The things I shoot without her are never going to match up to what I shoot with her. Having a partner allows you to drive creativity, build off ideas, and spur friendly competition. It is, in my opinion, what takes our work to the next level.

The most recent Atlantic has a great article about this idea. How two different personalities can drive a pair to succeed and create much more than we could alone. It's a fascinating idea and well worth the read. Here is one of my favorite parts:

For centuries, the myth of the lone genius has towered over us, its shadow obscuring the way creative work really gets done. The attempts to pick apart the Lennon-McCartney partnership reveal just how misleading that myth can be, because John and Paul were so obviously more creative as a pair than as individuals, even if at times they appeared to work in opposition to each other. The lone-genius myth prevents us from grappling with a series of paradoxes about creative pairs: that distance doesn’t impede intimacy, and is often a crucial ingredient of it; that competition and collaboration are often entwined. Only when we explore this terrain can we grasp how such pairs as Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, William and Dorothy Wordsworth, and Martin Luther King Jr. and Ralph Abernathy all managed to do such creative work. The essence of their achievements, it turns out, was relational. If that seems far-fetched, it’s because our cultural obsession with the individual has obscured the power of the creative pair.
— Joshua Wolf Shenk, "The Power of Two" The Atlantic 6/25/14

With tired eyeballs,



Editors Club

Mary-Claire and I got to work on a pretty fun project last week with some people from Second City.  A few of their staff on their editing team are leaving for greener pastures and wild fun (by that I mean Iowa and LA).  The rest of the team wanted to give them a going away present that would remind them of their awesome time at Second City and they brought us in to help.  This is what we ended up with!

Stay perfect, you!


Silly Face Friday!

Mary-Clarie is awesome!  I know, you already knew that.  But if you didn't, I have proof!  About a year, year and half ago I was having a pretty rough time with life.  I was also having a pretty bad day.  Mary-Claire sent me a text that was a picture of her making a ridiculous face.  It made me smile and/or laugh.  I cant remember my exact reaction, but I know I liked it!  I wrote back and said I wish you would send me a silly face every Friday.  Guess what?!   SHE DID!  We started calling it Silly Face Friday.  I was having one of those 'pick yourself up and dust yourself off' type of years and (with the exception of a few Fridays here and there) she sent me a silly face every Friday for over six months!  It was awesome and it always made me smile regardless of what was going on.  One of the best parts about this is I have a tendency to lose my phone, (well that's not the best part) but anyone who has ever found one of my phones during this time period and decided to go through it, also found this-a pretty girl being pretty silly for her friend! (although I have no idea what conclusions they drew for themselves about me and why I had these in my phone...)


I don't like winter but I sure do like you!



Brett + Colleen's Chicago Courthouse Wedding

In the wedding season rush we didn't have the chance to share all the summer highlights! Here's one of them- Brett and Colleen's wedding. I met these two and their families outside Chicago's courthouse on a beautiful Saturday. After over an hour of waiting in line they exchanged vows in front of the judge. It doesn't matter if it's in the city's basement or a giant cathedral, that part always makes me weepy. Next we walked around downtown to get fun shots and soak in the day before the couple met everyone in the Hancock Building for their reception.

Look at these and pretend it's ever going to be warm again ever again, 



Minneapolis Trip

I went on a trip to Minneapolis last week to visit an old friend and escape regular life for a bit.  It was beautiful and very relaxing.  I took a bike ride through the woods on an adorable bike that was a bit too big for me.  I sat in a rocking chair and stared at a lake.  I had a lot of wine.  And best of all, I got to spend time with one of those friends that no matter how much time you spend a part, when you see them, you pick up right where you left off. 

Let's carve pumpkins or go to an haunted house! 



Boat Proposal


I was hired to shoot a pretty interesting and fun event this September.  Brian made a  plan for a surprise proposal to his girlfriend, Christine.  He took her and the entire family out on a boat on Lake Michigan.  Everyone hid down underneath (well except me) while he proposed.  It was a gorgeous day and she did of course say yes!  Then she got the added surprise of everyone coming out from underneath.  Pretty cool idea, Brian!  This was definitely one of those awesome jobs where you can't help but think, I get paid for this!?  The weather was perfect and it was a lot of fun to get to be a part of this.  I wish the couple the best!  Above are a few of the highlights of the afternoon.   






I did a shoot yesterday with my new friend, Jason Culver.  This will be for my fiddlesticks section on the webstie.  I've been slacking for a while on that series, ok I've just been slacking in general.  What of it?!  I'm excited to get the new image up, though!  We did the shoot at his old high school swimming pool.  It started to rain pretty badly during the shoot and Jason had a Go Pro with him for something he wanted to shoot while we were there (by the way, I now want and Go Pro!).  We went out to use it during the rain, which is why I ended up with this image.  I also got my first experience shooting video on a Canon D60 which was pretty cool.  It was a good day and a good shoot!  Check back in to see the final image and also have an awesome day!

Remember the show, Clairrisa explains it all?!?! 


Who likes Touch 'n Dix?!



Also, here is an image I shot of the two dudes who write and star in the series Touch 'n Dix -Chris Pagnozzi (left) and Nate DuFort (right).  I will share a few more that I shot later after they have had a chance to use them.  Or, I'll forget.  Until then, you can check out the series here and here!


Hey guys, remember when I made that joke about touching man parts?  It was a minute ago.


Weepin' Willows








A talented friend of mine is in a pretty awesome Patsy Cline cover band.  I've had the pleasure of seeing them a few different times around Chicago.  On Valentines day they played at Cole's Bar and I shot some images. The're called Weepin Willows, and if you haven't seen or heard of them, you should check them out now.  I mean it. Drop what you're doing at this very moment and check them out! Wait, I take that back.  You're reading this post. Keep reading it.  When you're done, check them out!  Natalie has a fantastic voice. I'd tell you right now which Patsy song they cover thats my favorite, except I can't pick a favorite! Not a bad problem to have.  Step one: like them on Facebook. Step two: wait to see when they will be playing next. Step three: Go.  You won't be disappointed. I promise.

My hair just got long enough for a ponytail again! This doesn't affect your life at all, but I thought you should know.



oooh, mexico

Hi folks.

I was lucky enough to go on vacation with my ENTIRE immediate family in mid-February. (Have you ever tried to go through customs with 14 people? It's like herding cats.) We spent several days at an all-inclusive resort in Cancun.

Being the only remaining unmarried person in the group, I got a luxurious room to myself. (It's ok to hate me.) My daily activities were limited to eating, drinking, reading, napping, and hanging out with some of my favorite people in the world. Don't believe me? Honestly, me neither anymore. So I like to look at these pictures. It's proof. It reminds me that it did happen and wasn't just a sweet, sweet, end-of-winter-delusional dream

Come over for dinner already,



Flying Houses




I've been trying lately to look at photographers whose work is very different than the type of work I do.  I came across Laurent Chehere's flying houses series today.  I found it to be fascinating and inspiring. He is a French photographer who has not only an interest in photography, but also in architecture.  Normally when you come across a photographer who loves architecture, you end up with standard architectural photographs. While they can be beautiful and can demonstrate that the photographer has an incredible eye for both structure and attention to detail, I've never had a strong interest in shooting it or even looking at it most of the time.  It's just not really my jam.   I love how Laurent took this to another level though, both literally and figuratively. He has made a dreamlike, whimsical world in the sky that I REALLY want to live in.  It's like having a secret place to live, and I love secrets! They also make me feel the same way hot air balloons make me feel. I'm not quite sure how to express that feeling, but I love to see them and I want to be in them and to be heading somewhere else.   I also like to think its the next step society takes in the process of becoming The Jetsons.  (I probably didn't need to give you the link to that) Regardless of all those reason I have for liking this series, the images themselves are gorgeous and convey a sense of tranquility, even the house on fire!  Who wouldn't want to be there?!  Well not a burning house, but a place of tranquility.  

I couldn't choose my favorite, but I narrowed it down to the two above...I think.  Go to his website though, they are all beautiful!  Also, his other pieces of work are pretty great too and may induce a mild stomach ache stirred by jealousy.  That's what happened to me anyway.


Our House! In the middle of the sky, our house!  (see what I did there?) 

Sorry, Heather

IndieWed 2013!!!

Well, we made it! After a bit of a rough start to the morning (me accidentally getting a 4-shot coffee, Heather having a wardrobe malfunction, our backdrop totally not cooperating) we got through IndieWed and dare I say even did well. Tears were shed, Heather smashed her finger with a hammer, I lost my voice, but more importantly we got to meet a ton of interesting people, show them our work and introduce ourselves. We are both really looking forward to seeing where 2013 takes us.

Don't stop believin',




Happy belated New Year! Here's my video of my favorite and most personal photos I shot this year. Hope you enjoy!




Lomo SuperSampler

Oh hey.

Me? Oh, ya know, I've been around. Burrying myself in work and trying to stay warm. Getting ready for IndieWed (FEBRUARY 2ND!!!!). Making food and eating it. Watching The West Wing like it's going out of style (which it kind of has, I guess). Taking an embarrassing amount of cat pictures.

Real important stuff.

Back when I left the house still I took these pictures. They were taken with this sweet camera James gave me for Christmas. It's shot on 35mm film but is on a timer sort of thing so it shoots in succession. Heather was kind enough to pose in some of them. I'm loving how they turned out, and think it will make for some really fun stuff come summer. You know, when I poke my head out again.

See you in two weeks for IndieWed! Stop by and say hello!

With cold hands and a warm heart,